Infection Control Service

Infection Control Service

Moore cleaning services is fully trained and
accredited at Bio Hazard and Infection Control.

Environments frequented by the general public as well as residential care homes
are subject to the introduction and transfer of germs, bacteria and viruses.
With the rise of super bugs such as MRSA and NDM-1 professional cleaning is an
essential part of infection control.

There is an ideal Ant-Microbial solution which is safe to use and compliant and
has passed testing with the NHS - FORMULA 429.

It meets Compliance for REACH and the 2010 B.P.D. initiative.

4 - Biocides

2 - Microbial Control & Residual Efficacy

9 - Nano-scopic level activity

It has a log kill of 6 (bleach has a log kill of 3) and is still safe to use
around humans and food surfaces. It has a log kill of 6 against HDM-1 in 30

When applied to carpets furniture or any surface it forms a spikey layer at the
molecular level preventing air bourne bugs from landing and multiplying, any
that do are killed by the multiple biocides and microbials which prevent the
bug from building immunity.

FORMULA 429 has:

Broad spectrum of activity

Rapid kill

Risiduall efficacious ( keeps working months after)

Easily prepared and soluble in water


Tolerant of soil, hard water etc.

Environmentally compatible and non-toxic



Safe to use

Does not form resistance

Formula 429 has passed independent testing for the above by many
different studies including UK food research centre, Manchester University,
Glasgow University Hospital, and Blue Scientific labs UK.

Formula 429 has met the 'gold standard' used by the NHS in combating MRSA as it
kills most blood borne pathogens. It is totally effective against micro-control
of Paeruginosa, E-coli, S.Aureas, Enterococcus hirea, Bacillus subtillis,
Asperigilus niger, Salmonella, Legionella pneumophilia and many many more.


Moore cleaning services is trained in the use of Formula 429 and have an
industry certificate for Bio Hazard cleaning. I can provide you with a total
sanitising solution for bedrooms bathrooms and even entire homes using Formula
429 and a ULV Fogging machine.

The process is fast safe and inobtrusive, it involves removal of dust from the
room and then a fogging process whereby a solution of Formula 429 is atomised
into the air at such a tiny size (5 microns) that the solution permeates every
area and surface of a room from the ceiling to the floor, all furniture and
items within the room are covered in minute droplets of bug fighting solution.
After 20 minutes the room or area can be used as normal.

Evidence strips can be used to show that the correct level of solution has been
applied. They are positioned above a door and indicate parts per million of
solution present.

This process will remove all bacteria and therefor the odours that they
create. As mentioned the product is harmless to humans and animals and
safe to use on food surfaces.

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